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    Advertising Policy

    Advertising Terms

    1) Unsafe, illegal, discriminatory products or services may not be advertised.

    2) Advertisements promoting products, and service offers that use false information or deceptive, misleading practices or deceptive advertising of people's money or personal information are strictly prohibited.

    3) Advertisements containing shocking, sensational, excessively violent content, and obscenity are strictly prohibited. Advertisements about social issues, elections or politics are also prohibited

    4) We do not take action against advertiser accounts if the advertiser does not follow the paid advertising standards or our other advertising policies and terms.

    5) Brand endorsement, use of the brand in the advertisement, copyright and trademark etc. shall be under the responsibility of the advertiser. It must be careful while advertising.

    6) If you have any complaints or any information related to the advertisement, you can call +880 9678-800843 or email support@sobkisubazar.com/info@sobkisubazar.com.

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