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    Terms & Conditions (Seller)

    Welcome to Sobkisu Bazar! Sobkisu Bazar is an e-commerce marketplace, with domain name www.sobkisubazar.com and title “sobkisubazar” or “Sobkisu Bazar”. The following terms and conditions apply to your access to and use of Sobkisu Bazar's website, mobile application and other services. You hereby agree that you will use the Sobkisu Bazar website, mobile application and other services subject to the following terms and conditions. If you do not agree to accept these terms, please refrain from using the Sobkisu Bazar website, mobile application and other services. If any new services and features are added to the Sobkisu Bazar Marketplace, these terms will also apply to those services and features. Sobkisu Bazar acts as a means of establishing a connection between buyers and sellers, where the seller displays his products and the user as a buyer is able to purchase the displayed products. Every market has its own product sales center, service and product advertising facility. It also acts as a medium between buyers and sellers.

    General Terms:

    1. In all cases of buying and selling in the market, the relevant prevailing laws of the country will be applicable.

    2. Sobkisu Bazar Marketplace shall not attempt to conduct business or marketing of any illegal products that are prohibited under domestic law (MLM).

    3. All the details and terms related to products and services should be mentioned clearly in uploading the products in Sobkisu Bazar.

    4. No intoxicants, explosives or any other prohibited items can be bought and sold in the market.

    5. Any purchase or sale of inflammable materials in the marketplace must have a license from the Department of Explosives.

    6. Vendors must be licensed by the Department of Drug Administration to sell drugs and medical supplies on the Sobkisu Bazar Marketplace.

    7. Once the product is ordered in the Sobkisu Bazar Marketplace, the seller cannot claim a price higher than the pre-announced price.

    8. Generally, the remaining amount due to the seller, minus the marketplace commission, will be paid to the seller within a maximum of 10 working days of receiving the full price of the product from the buyer.

    9. In case of uploading the product to the Sobkisu Bazar marketplace, the proper description of the product or service to be sold, namely:- product measurement, material, color, shape, quality, price should be clearly mentioned. Provide information that enables identification and quality assessment of the product or service.

    10. Sobkisu Bazar should be provided for clarity in uploading the product to the market place, if practicable, the product image, video, color, shape, measurement, weight, material etc. and in the case of service, the type of service, service delivery method, measurement qualification (if any) etc. should be provided. A detailed description of the product (brand, model, delivery time etc.) should be given to the buyers so that the buyers can purchase the product or service knowingly.

    11. In case of uploading a product to the Sobkisu Bazar marketplace, the details of the product's ingredients and content, chemical composition (if possible) etc. must be provided.

    12. In the case of product uploading on the Sobkisu Bazar marketplace, it must be clearly mentioned whether the use of the seller's product contains any hazardous to human and animal health or harmful to the environment or whether there is a health risk to children.

    13. Expired products or merchandise may not be sold or supplied on the Sobkisu Bazar Marketplace.

    14. In the case of uploading products on the Sobkisu Bazar marketplace, the quality control certificate must be mentioned in the product description for products that are required to receive a certificate from a quality control authority.

    15. Sobkisu Bazar Marketplace complies with copyright protection rules.

    16. The seller has to update the stock of the product as soon as each sale process is completed in the Sobkisu Bazar marketplace.

    17. No counterfeit or adulterated products shall be displayed or sold in the Sobkisu Bazar Marketplace.

    18. As soon as a seller runs out of stock of any product in the Sobkisu Bazar Marketplace, that product must be deleted from the marketplace or discontinued.

    19. If a seller wants to offer any kind of offer, discount or any other benefit, it should be clearly mentioned in the product description.

    20. Printed bill to be provided at the time of delivery of goods.

    21. Products displayed for sale must be handed over to the deliveryman or delivery company within 48 hours of order confirmation. In the case of daily necessities, after the product order is confirmed, the product or product must be handed over to the deliveryman or delivery company within 24 hours.

    22. For products which have a warranty or guarantee, a card or digital card containing other conditions including the warranty or guarantee period and place of service receipt and contact details should be supplied with the product.

    23. Arrangements should be made to deliver perishable goods as soon as possible.

    24. If you have any complaints regarding the services of Sobkisu Bazar Marketplace, you can call +880 9678-800843 or email seller@sobkisubazar.com/info@sobkisubazar.com.

    25. If a buyer pays the price in advance through any means (debit, credit card, bank transfer, mobile banking, etc.) and the seller fails to deliver the product within the stipulated time for any reason, then maximum 10 days of payment (relevant amount (excluding the time used by the issuing medium) within which the full amount paid by the buyer must be refunded through the same means (debit card, credit card, bank transfer, mobile banking etc.) through which the payment was made by the buyer. In this case, if there is any charge, it has to be borne by the seller.

    Special Terms:

    1. Any seller who wants to sell foreign goods must show the foreign goods import permit to the market.

    2. If any seller does not add any product within 48 hours of registration, his/her registration will be canceled or suspended.

    3. Sobkisu Bazar seller has to update his stock regularly.

    4. If any product is returned due to the mistakes of the seller, the cost of returning the product and shipping the correct product will be borne by the seller.

    5. In the case of order management, when an order is placed or the ordered product is delivered to a courier service or logistics partner, the seller must inform the latest status of the order (such as confirmed/shipped) on Sobkisu Bazar seller app or website.

    6. Multiple images of the product must be attached.

    7. All medicines and medical supplies shall not be displayed for sale in the market until further instructions. If any such product is subsequently offered for sale in the market, the seller will need a license from the Department of Drug Administration to sell such product.

    8. If the product ordered is a liquid or fragile product, it must be clearly and prominently indicated on the package during packaging. Use tight sealing and bubble wrap if necessary.

    Seller Registration: Sobkisu Bazar reserves the full right to approve and determine the registration of those interested in registering as a seller on Sobkisu Bazar. By completing the registration, a seller agrees and acknowledges that he will sell goods or provide services in Sobkisu Bazar in accordance with the laws of Bangladesh.

    Registration Information: Sobkisu Market encourages everyone to register with accurate information. The Seller is responsible for the information provided by the Seller in the registration.

    Product Information and Product Quality: Sobkisu Bazar encourages all its sellers to sell quality products. All information related to the product is provided by the seller, so the responsibility for product information and quality is the seller's, not Sobkisu Bazar marketplaces. However, if there is any evidence of displaying false information/content of the product in the marketplace or harming the buyer with substandard products, Sobkisu Bazar will take necessary action against the seller concerned. So as a seller, you must not in any way harm the buyer by displaying false information/content of products or substandard products in the Sobkisu Bazar marketplace.

    Product Payment Method: Buyers can generally pay the product price through two methods. 1) Online Payment Gateway, 2) Cash on Delivery.

    Online Payment Gateway: When the buyers of Sobkisu Bazar make payments through the online payment gateway, Sobkisu Bazar Marketplace will act as a means of payment for the product between the buyer and the seller. The specified part of the price paid by the buyer will be delivered to the seller after the specified period.

    Cash on delivery: In case of cash on delivery, the seller will bear the responsibility of packaging the product, shipping the product etc. Seller shall use Sobkisu Bazar’s approved courier service or logistics partner for shipping the product. Sobkisu Bazar will act as a marketplace courier service or logistics partner, a means of payment for goods between buyers and sellers.

    Product delivery method: After receiving the buyer's order, the seller will send all the ordered products through any courier service or logistics partner approved by the market within a specified day according to the buyer's delivery address. Note that the market and seller will not be responsible for delivery delays due to natural calamities, political unrest, political events, national or public holidays etc.

    Product Packaging: Product packaging is the sole responsibility of the market seller. Sobkisu Bazar provides its sellers with information and training on product packaging but is not responsible for packaging.

    Order Cancellation: Sobkisu Bazar reserves the right to cancel any order at its sole discretion. The buyer can cancel the order if he wants (before the delivery is complete) but cannot cancel after the delivery is complete if there is no problem with the product.

    Terms (User Buyer and Seller)

    Registration Information: Sobkisu Bazar encourages everyone to register with accurate information. The user is responsible for the information that the user registers with.

    Account: User creates an account on Sobkisu Bazar through his registration process. The User is solely responsible for all activities that the User conducts through its account as a Buyer or Seller. If someone's account comes into someone else's control, they must immediately contact Sobkisu Bazar and notify them. In this case, Sobkisu Bazar reserves the right to take any decision regarding the said account.

    Account Suspension or Cancellation: Sobkisu Bazar reserves the right to suspend or cancel your access or account without prior notice.

    Customer Service: Sobkisu Bazar marketplace provides customer care (call center) facilities to solve any problem of its users.

    Complaints about Content: All content of Sobkisu Bazar is displayed by sellers on the market. Sobkisu Bazar lists products displayed by numerous sellers. It is difficult for the Sobkisu Bazar to be aware of the contents of every product listed for sale. Sobkisu Bazar works on "complaint, review and takedown" basis. Therefore as a seller, you will never post any content that is illegal, offensive (e.g. sexist content or racist, bigoted, hateful), deceptive, misleading, defamatory, indecent, harassing, libelous, defamatory, obscene, offensive or harmful to third parties or money laundering or gambling. Do not display any content that is related or illegal in any way. Also, if you believe that any content displayed on Sobkisu Bazar is illegal, offensive (e.g. sexist content or racist, bigoted, hateful), deceptive, misleading, derogatory, indecent, harassing, defamatory, derogatory, obscene, objectionable to third party, harmful or related to money laundering or gambling or illegal in any way, please notify the market immediately.

    Confidentiality: All personal information, data or contracts provided to the Marketplace by User Sellers shall be treated as strictly confidential in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

    Ensuring Continuous Access: Sobkisu Bazar makes every effort to maintain consistent, uninterrupted and error-free access to the Site for its users. However, there may be temporary problems in terms of repairs, maintenance, introduction of new facilities or national suspension etc.

    User Conduct: Users of Sobkisu Bazar must not use Sobkisu Bazar website, mobile application and other services in any manner that interferes with or damages Sobkisu Bazar website, mobile application and other services. The User must not engage in any activity that may directly or indirectly harm the Market or its employees, officers, agents or any other party.

    User Provided Information: The User shall be responsible for all information or related matters submitted by the User (Buyer or Seller) to Sobkisu Bazar. So don't submit any kind of false or fake information or anything related.

    Trademarks and Copyrights: Sobkisu Bazar graphics, logos, service names are trademarked. Sobkisu Bazar's logo, software, photos, videos, words, and other marks mentioned on the website are trademarks of the respective jurisdictions. All other trademarks displayed on the Sobkisu Bazar site are the property of their respective owners. All this is protected by copyright.

    Sellers’ Training: Sobkisu Bazar arranges seller training at different times.

    Acknowledgement: You acknowledge that you are doing transactions in your full sense and at your own risk. 

    Contacting Sobkisu Bazar: In any case, while contacting Sobkisu Bazar, you will provide your valid phone number.

    Software Updates: Sobkisu Bazar may provide automatic or manual updates at any time without notice to keep its software up to date.

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